Minimalist single household residence located within the Shiga prefecture, Japan, designed by ALTS Design Workplace.









Description by ALTS Design Workplace

We made two open areas of various sort in a website on this undertaking. The shopper hoped an open area wanted privateness and a standard space of the home. Anybody hope the 2 buildings of various sort. The primary one is a privateness-minded home. We constructed a two-story home and gave weight the properly-being of the household merely. Then second one has public features identical to a park the place anybody can pop in. It’s a flat constructing as an meeting corridor. Every constructing has a totally totally different nature, however they join one another gently in inner area. We didn’t put two totally different hopes in a single area as a result of it might properly vanish every nature. However we separated off two areas daringly and took benefit of every nature maximally and will make a pretty areas.

Images by Yuta Yamada

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