Modern home located in Falling Waters, WV, designed by Wiedemann Architects.











Hawk’s Nest is a house and studio for a sculptor from Paris who was drawn to the location, an deserted limestone quarry, with its sweeping views of the Potomac River. Our objective was to create a easy type that was concurrently separate from and intertwined with nature. Two easy forged concrete volumes rise seamlessly from the limestone making a framed view of the panorama past and a perch for the metal and glass construction above. The grid of metal columns modulates the area and creates framed views of the ever altering play of nature, blurring the road between inside and out of doors. Ipe, allowed to climate naturally, offers a cloth counterpoint to the metal and was used to create privateness, balconies that reach the inside area, and bridges that depart the location in any other case untouched.

The residence is designed to reinforce the expertise of the character and encourage the shopper’s work in her ceramic studio and metallic studio. Darkish concrete flooring with radiant flooring warmth present heat, whereas the slender plan affords pure cross air flow. Main colours have been interlaced inside the black and white inside areas. The objective was to create an atelier that was of the place and, on the similar time, offers an armature for a larger appreciation of the pure great thing about the panorama.

Images by Hoachlander Davis Images

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