Stunning Crepe Paper Pine Cone with Leaves Tutorial 1

To make this wonderful pine cone with leaves first of all you have to cut a strip almost 2 inches wide from green crepe paper. Make a fringe in it with scissors. Then twist every piece of fringe as shown. Bend some length of wire in half and pass it through one end of the strip with leaves. Start wrapping it around the double wire in a slanting manner and glue some areas if you want. In the end wrap florist tape around the base of the leaves. Now to make the pine cone first cut almost 4 inches wide strip of brown crepe paper. Fold it in half and fold almost one third inch along the fold. Then start twisting and pressing the folded edge as shown. After that carefully make a cone of this twisted edge strip and fasten a wire along its base. Wrap floral tape around the base and continue till the wire. Fasten the leaves and the cone together and voila!

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